Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Would the Regents Support an Extension of Prop 30?

When Prop 30, with its new temporary income and sales taxes was on the ballot, the Regents supported it to aid the UC budget. There has been talk recently about extending the temporary taxes. An initiative has now been filed by K-14 education groups that would involve an extension (focused only on the income tax portion). But the funding would be earmarked only for K-14. So it's unlikely that the Regents would support such a measure. Note that filing an initiative is a long distance away from paying signature gathering firms to get it on the ballot, much less funding an election campaign. It's also unclear that the governor would support an extension of Prop 30 for whatever purpose. In the past, he has indicated that he sold the Prop 30 taxes as temporary. So whether a longer version of temporary would be agreeable to him is uncertain.

The initiative is discussed in

The actual initiative as filed is at

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