Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Preview: Upcoming Sept. Regents Meeting

Information on the specifics of the agenda of the upcoming Sept. 15-17 Regents meeting (not counting today’s meeting of the Committee on Investments) is now posted.

Some highlights:

The complex public-private partnership for building out the UC-Merced campus continues as an agenda item.
Also continuing is a push to grant more de facto autonomy to the various medical/hospital enterprises:
What was originally going to be a discussion of antisemitism back in July (but delayed to September) has been broadened to a discussion of intolerance on campus. In its original form, there was to be discussion of endorsing the State Dept. definition of antisemistism. There now is a statement of generalized examples of intolerance, but it also includes a proviso that the examples are not to be used for discipline: The statement is intended to reflect the principles of the Regents of the University of California and shall not be used as the basis to discipline students, faculty, or staff. An article about this item appears in today’s LA Times:
The Regents are being asked retroactively to endorse a fund raising campaign for UCLA that has been going on since 2014.
Policies with regard to funding the pension plan are to be discussed. (This is independent of the Committee of Two’s deal regarding yet another tier in the pension program.) Not all the attachments for the funding plan are posted.

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P Mrak said...

This proposed change would remove Academic Senate representation from the committee, fwiw.