Wednesday, September 2, 2015

There's Stollen and Stolen

UCLA seems to specialize in stolen:

UCLA Health is sending out letters to over 1,200 patients after a faculty member’s laptop containing private medical data was stolen, officials announced Tuesday. The computer contained names, medical record numbers and health information used to prepare patient treatment plans, according to UCLA. No Social Security numbers, health plan ID numbers, credit card or other financial data were stored on the laptop, which was reported stolen July 3, a university spokesperson said. School officials say they immediately initiated an analysis of a backup disk made available by the faculty member — whose name was not released — to determine whether protected health or other restricted information was stored on the laptop and, if so, who was affected. The review, which was completed Aug. 14, found “no evidence that any individual’s personal or medical information stored on the following an investigation that began in October.laptop has been accessed, disclosed or used,” according to a UCLA Health statement. It comes on the heels of a massive cyber attack on the UCLA Health systems potentially affecting 4.5 million people following an investigation that began in October. 


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