Friday, April 17, 2015

Yet another straw in the wind that all is not well at the Committee of Two

In an earlier post, we noted that UC prez Napolitano's recent appeal to members of the UC community to lobby Gov. Brown for more money for the university suggested that she was not making headway with Brown with her tuition/budget plan adopted by the Regents last fall.* Yet another such indication comes with the article below in the LA Times, noting an appeal by the UC prez to an outside group:

Speaking to a group of fellow Italian American lawyers and judges, University of California President Janet Napolitano this week recounted her own family’s modest immigrant roots and urged Californians to help increase funding higher education so that subsequent and future waves of families can enter the middle class.
Napolitano's speech Wednesday evening was part of her effort to rally public support for enough additional state funds for the 10-campus UC system so that a tuition hike of as much as 5% next year can be avoided.
She and Gov. Jerry Brown have disagreed over the matter, with Brown insisting that UC must continue to freeze tuition for a fourth consecutive year with a tax funding increase that falls short of what Napolitano has sought...

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Sounds like she needs some assistance with the governor:

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