Saturday, April 11, 2015

Diversity Vote

From the LA Times:

UCLA’s faculty approved, by a large margin, a controversial new policy that requires most future undergraduates to take a course on ethnic, cultural, religious or gender diversity. The strongly supportive vote announced Friday night was the culmination of efforts that began two decades ago and previously faced rejections. In a tally posted online, the campus-wide Faculty Senate voted 916 to 487 to begin the requirement for incoming freshmen in fall 2015 and new transfer students in 2017. It would affect students in the College of Letters and Science, which enrolls 85% of UCLA undergraduates...

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The official notice of the Academic Senate is at:

It might be noted that the opponents' approach of involving non-College voters appears to have backfired. The original college vote was much closer: 332 approve, 303 oppose, 24 blank ballots.* Adding non-College voters substantially increased the margin in favor of the requirement.

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