Thursday, April 23, 2015

More Regents

The 1933 Board didn't have these archiving options
The next Regents meeting is May 21-22. That's about a month from now so it's a good time to remind the Board that other public entities not only live-stream their sessions but they archive them indefinitely. An example we like to point to is the City of Santa Monica which has meetings every couple of weeks (so a lot more meeting time than the Regents). It manages to live-stream audio/video and preserve the recordings indefinitely. In contrast, the Regents "archive" for only one year. That means that yours truly has to record the sessions in real time (one hour of recording for one hour of meeting time) in order to provide true archiving, a service of this blog.

Should the Regents want to do what Santa Monica does, the contract for its live-streaming and true archiving costs under $18,000 per year. Info is available on the contract at:

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