Monday, April 27, 2015

Now we're even sadder about being ignored

You see we first posted some questions about a piece on UC that appeared in Grizzly Bear Project. We got no answers. Then we noticed the Grizzly piece was re-posted in Capitol Weekly and still we got no answers.* Now the San Diego Union-Tribune has taken up the piece as an editorial with no questions or answers.** So, sad as we are, we will re-re-post:

Data questions: Could UC-Davis really have been run by 9 people in 1993 and then over 400 people twenty years later?  You can't run a big campus with 9 people.  If they are really just the very top execs, it seems doubtful *by the same definition* there could be over 400 of them now.  The definitions at the top of your chart show different names for the managerial occupations in 1993 and later.  Are they really comparable?  How many of the positions are on state money? When I clicked on "get the data" on your chart, it just gave me another view of the chart - but not data or specific sources and definitions.


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