Thursday, April 2, 2015

Shifting the Focus

In terms of California state policy news, there hasn't been much until now to compete with the governor-vs.-UC story for drama. Back in the day, we had various budget crises and, of course, the electricity crisis. We did have a gubernatorial election last November, but the outcome was never in doubt. The result was hand wringing about low voter turnout. So last fall when the Regents and UC prez got into a conflict on the budget and tuition (yet to be resolved), it was the only interesting story in town.

Not only does the drought - and the governor's decree on a 25% water cutback* - have the potential to divert public attention from governor-vs.-UC, it may also divert the governor's attention. Water cutbacks will affect everyone in the state, unlike UC tuition. The above-mentioned electricity crisis was one of the elements (along with the state budget) that led to the recall of Gray Davis. Lesson: Political developments that annoy the public are not good for politicians. (Google "medfly and Jerry Brown" for such an episode during Brown's first iteration as governor.)

A shift in focus to water is likely to be a Good Thing for resolving the UC problem.

And if you don't think there will be controversy, take a look at:
New California Water Reductions Don't Apply to Farmers
How bad is it?

You could die!

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