Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Online Ed Information Please at CSU

There is a bill in the state legislature which appears to be a consequence of a MOOC that failed at a CSU campus.  As blog readers will know, there is a push to expand online higher ed in California.  The governor is a proponent.

The bill in question - AB 46 which is exclusive to CSU - would require the CSU administration to share with the Academic Senate there the details of any online courses.  Such info would involve completion rates, grade distributions, etc.

It is possible that UC is not included out of deference to the constitutional autonomy of the Regents.  However, the legislature will often require something of CSU but only suggest it for UC.  UC may also be excluded simply because no one at UC asked to be included.  Should someone?

You can find the bill at:

An article about the bill is at

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