Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gut and Amend for $100 million

From the Sacramento Bee: California’s public universities could get a $100 million infusion through legislation announced on Monday.

A surge of revenue has solidified California’s once-precarious financial position. Budget negotiations this summer produced a compromise that, if local property tax revenue exceeded projections, some of the surplus could be redirected from the state’s general fund towards higher education. Student activists and university officials have long decried a lack of funding, pointing to overcrowded classes and graduation delays.

As of July there was not enough extra property tax revenue to trigger the college outlay. But now lawmakers are saying that there is still enough money available to allocate the extra college money...

In an interview with The Bee before the legislative session resumed on Monday, (Assembly Speaker) Atkins touched on the common “gut-and-amend” practice of inserting new language in existing bills late in the legislative session, circumventing some stages of the committee process. She pointed to ensuring more higher education funding as a worthy use of the tactic...

Officials from the Department of Finance or the office of Gov. Jerry Brown were not immediately available for comment.

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We just need someone who can gut:

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