Friday, August 1, 2014

The horror, the horror

Apparently, Sunset Blvd. around UCLA will continue to be closed this weekend due to te water main break.

There will also be closures or lane reductions on Sepulveda due to who-knows-what.

Those with cars that were damaged can file claims with DWP.  See:

There continues to be uncertainty over who will pay for the damages to campus and to private property.  A Daily Bruin article says the university self insured and explains that means that the university has insurance policies.  However, self insurance in the normal understanding of that term means it doesn't have insurance policies although it may have designated some reserves.  Meanwhile, DWP is taking claims, including from the university.  But taking claims and paying are not quite the same thing.

The Bruin article is at

It's difficult; it's difficult:

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