Monday, August 18, 2014

More on Marching Towards the Michigan Model

The LA Times reports on the large number of out-of-state students who pay full freight at UC, effectively a move towards the Michigan Model of university finance:

The University of California system is expected to enroll a record number of out-of-state students this fall — and will receive millions of dollars in return.  More than a fifth of all UC freshmen will come from such places as Texas, Washington, China and India and each will pay an additional $23,000 in tuition, providing the system with an estimated $400 million in extra revenue that officials say helps support the education of Californians...

Among the freshman classes at the nine UC undergraduate campuses, the highest percentages from out of state are at UCLA, 30.1%; UC Berkeley, 29.8%; and UC San Diego, 28.4%...

Until 1993, it was easy to establish California residency within a year or so and then pay the lower tuition. But UC rules were tightened so that current students must prove financial independence for at least two prior years, among other things, to gain resident status.  As a result, only "a very small portion" of students from outside California do so, said Stephen Handel, the UC system's associate vice president for undergraduate admissions...

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It's just found money:

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