Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Listen to Regents Meeting of March 20

We continue our service of archiving Regents meetings since the Regents won't do it for more than one year.  Again we note that because of Regental policy, the only way to preserve the audio is to record the full meeting, hour by hour.  So we generally post the archived meeting with a lag.

In any event, the meeting began with a public comment period.  A student spoke about "trigger warnings" at UC-Santa Barbara which have something to do with PTSD.  Really, I had no idea what this was about or what the Regents should do about it.  Hint: If you want to speak at Regents meetings, make it clear what you are talking about.  There were also comments about the campus climate report and complaints that the general practice of having Regents meetings at UC-San Francisco makes it difficult for undergrads to attend.  There are no undergrads at UC-SF.

After public comments, a student rep spoke about the need for more state funding for UC, fossil fuel divestment, and a proposed oil tax for education.

Other highlights:
  • There was discussion about the impact of the Affordable Care Act on UC med centers and trends in rising costs outrunning revenues.
  • A problem discussed at a prior meeting about collecting money owed UC by the U.S. Dept. of Energy for the labs seems to have been resolved.
  • Various executive pay adjustments were approved.  There was also a report based on a survey of university presidents and chancellors indicating that UC pays less than other major institutions.
  • Notable faculty awards were announced.
  • All recommendations by Regental committees from March 19 were rubber stamped.

You can hear the audio at the link below:

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