Friday, February 14, 2014

Jerry Brown Looks for an Online Course that Requires No Human Interaction

At the Regents meeting of January 22, 2014, Gov. Brown seems to be searching for an online course that requires no human interaction.  Such a course, he reasons, could have unlimited enrollment because it is completely self-contained.  He gets some pushback from UC Provost Dorr, who thinks courses should have such interaction. 

You can hear this excerpt at the link below.  The entire meeting of the Committee on Educational Policy of the Regents was posted yesterday.

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St. Lenny Bruce said...

Given CCC, CSU, and UC demographics, such a move to migrate core courses fully online is moronic given ALL of the research, esp. for male, disabled, Asian, Latin@, Black, low-income, mature, parent, working, and students with GPAs under 3.0.