Saturday, July 6, 2013

We're Waiting for the Complete Post for the July Regents Meeting

The preliminary Regents agenda for the July 16-18 meeting has been posted.  As yet, the detailed attachments to the agenda are not available.  However, there will be approval of contribution increases to the pension for next year (2014-15) and an interim replacement for the university’s Chief Investment Officer who suddenly resigned without explanation.  In a closed session, the Regents will discuss the criminal case the LA district attorney is pursuing against UCLA Prof. Patrick Harran.  See for our most recent post on that case.  The Christian Head case charging discrimination (and involving a viral YouTube video) at UCLA will also be discussed at that closed session.  It was discussed a year ago at the Regents.  See amendment to the code of faculty conduct and discipline will be considered – but what that entails is not yet available.


When more information becomes available, we will blog about it.  The Regents agenda is at:

Meanwhile, it's hard to wait for the complete post:

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