Sunday, April 22, 2018

Last Week's Regents Retreat: No Picture/No Sound

No picture/no sound
The Regents had a retreat at Lake Arrowhead on April 17-19. But although the schedule is on their website, no recording of the sessions were made. All we know is the schedule.

April 17:

  • Public Comment Period
  • Challenges, Change, and Changes on the Horizon
  • Appreciative Inquiry Regarding the University of California

April 18:

  • Public Comment Period
  • Comments of the Chair of the Board
  • University of California’s Financial Model
  • University of California’s Research Enterprise
  • Enrollment
  • Partnership of the Regents and Chancellors
  • Summary of the Day
  • A National Perspective

April 19:

  • Public Comment Period
  • Implicit Bias
  • The Role of a Regent
  • Regent Engagement
  • Reflections and Look Ahead


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