Thursday, April 26, 2018

Something to shout about

Dear Colleagues:
As you may know, the University of California (UC) has been engaged in the UCPath initiative — a strategic operational transformation aimed at modernizing the way human resource and payroll transactions are processed across the system. The goal of UCPath is to strengthen our system’s operational foundation by replacing our aging Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) with advanced, stable technology built upon the PeopleSoft platform.
The UCPath solution integrates key human resource, benefits, and payroll transactions into a single system, specially designed to more efficiently manage employee information and provide responsive customer service for more than 200,000 UC employees system-wide.
UCLA is excited to implement UCPath this coming September as part of the UCLA/UC Santa Barbara Pilot Implementation. When UCLA launches UCPath, you can expect a variety of new services including new payroll distribution options, enhanced self-service functionality in the new UCPath Portal and dedicated customer service through the UCPath Center to name a few. Additionally, you can also expect changes to the look and feel of your paychecks, planned to begin on October 1, 2018 for monthly paid employees, and October 3 for biweekly paid employees.
Across our campus and health system, efforts are currently underway to help ensure all organizations and departments are ready for the transition to UCPath. In the coming days and weeks ahead, you can expect to receive more information on UCPath, including a series of ‘You and UCPath’ materials highlighting what the new system means for you and what you can do to prepare for the implementation as well as information on the UCPath Roadshows launching in mid-May.
For employees who will have an administrative role in processing transactions using the UCPath system, you can also expect to receive information on training which launches in early May.
In the meantime, we encourage you to visit the UCLA UCPath website for the latest project updates and answers to many of your frequently asked questions, as well as downloads of information you can use to prepare for the UCPath implementation.
Successfully implementing UCPath will represent a significant achievement for our organization and for UCLA. We sincerely appreciate your support in helping our campus to modernize our systems as we focus on our core mission of teachingresearch and public service.
Michael S. Levine
Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel

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