Monday, April 9, 2018

We seem to be going separate ways from our Los Alamos partner on this issue

UC and Texas A&M reportedly have partnered in a bid to administer Los Alamos. But was we await a decision in May on whether that bid will win, the two institutions appear to have gone separate ways on another matter. UCLA has a Confucius Institute, apparently with the blessing (or acquiescence) of UCOP:

From Inside Higher Ed: The chancellor of the Texas A&M system said the university would terminate its agreement to host Confucius Institutes -- centers for Chinese language teaching and cultural programming funded by the Chinese government -- in response to the urging of two congressmen who described the institutes as threats to national security.
An increasing number of politicians have in recent months urged American colleges to sever their ties with the Chinese government-backed institutes, but this appears to be the first time a university has explicitly cited a recommendation from elected officials as its reason for terminating a Confucius Institute agreement. Critics and supporters of the Confucius Institutes alike said they are concerned about external political influence over university decision making...

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