Friday, July 15, 2016

UC's Earmarked Funding for 2016-17

One-Time Funding for UC Research and Public Servicea
(In Millions)

Innovation and entrepreneurship activities
Funding is pursuant to pending legislation which calls for each UC campus and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to expand programs and support services for entrepreneurs. The legislation requires UC to submit an annual report to the Legislature and the Department of Finance on these activities.
Precision medicine research
Trailer legislation specifies funding is for supporting demonstration projects in both Northern and Southern California, to be selected by a committee of experts, and developing a public database of precision medicine assets (such as projects, data sets, and experts). The legislation requires an annual report, beginning January 1, 2017, updating the Legislature on the selected demonstration projects and a final evaluation once the projects are completed.
Firearm violence research
Funding is to establish a Firearm Violence Research Center. Funding is available for expenditure over five years. Trailer legislation specifies that the center would support research on public policies related to firearm violence by (1) conducting its own research and (2) distributing small grants to other institutions for research. The legislation requires UC to report every five years (beginning December 31, 2017) on the program.
Transportation policy research
Funding augments UC’s longstanding Institute of Transportation Studies. The budget act requires UC to develop an expenditure plan with the Transportation Agency and complete a review of the Project Resourcing and Schedule Management information technology system developed by the Department of Transportation.
Marine mammal aid
Funding reimburses the Wildlife Health Center at UC Davis for marine mammal stranding rescue centers ($2 million) and a response team to disentangle whales caught in fishing gear and marine debris ($100,000).
aAll funding provided in the budget act. Funds flow through UC for every program listed except precision medicine research, for which funds flow through the Office of Planning and Research. All initiatives supported with state General Fund except for the transportation initiative, which is supported with monies from the Public Transportation Account in the State Transportation Fund. Trailer legislation refers to Chapter 24 of 2016 (AB 1602, Committee on Budget).
Posted July 2016.  Legislative Analyst's Office

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