Thursday, July 28, 2016

Proceed with extreme caution

From the Daily Cal:

Outgoing UC Student Association, or UCSA, President Kevin Sabo submitted a report of recommendations July 20 to the university calling for explicit recognition of the UCSA as the official voice of UC students.
The recommendations aim to codify the relationships between the UCSA and both the UC Office of the President, or UCOP, and the UC Board of Regents by amending both groups’ existing bylaws and policies. According to Sabo, the recommendations are a culmination of discussions between the UCSA and UC officials that have taken place over the last year.
“What this was really about was pulling all of the points of our interaction together in one document,” Sabo said. “This is the final document which encapsulates all we’ve talked about this year.”
Sabo said the UCSA has been implicitly recognized as the voice of UC students since the establishment of the UC Student Regent position in 1975, but that its official recognition would protect the organization from being dismissed as irrelevant when beneficial for UC administration. Since releasing the report, Sabo said he had received multiple emails from the UCOP attempting to finalize some of the recommendations...
Editorial: Is the Academic Senate involved in these discussions between UCSA and UCOP? In the past, when student groups take actions or make statements, those actions and statements are often interpreted by the outside world as "official" UC policy. There is already a student Regent who is "official." Widening the sphere of officialness (if there is such a word) is a step to be approached with great caution.

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