Sunday, July 24, 2016

Listen to the Regents Meeting of July 21, 2016

We continue our efforts at true indefinite archiving of the Regents meetings (as opposed to one-year preservation by the Regents themselves). Our last posting of a meeting was for July 19. Here we skip over July 20 for the moment and go to July 21. (Eventually, we will get to July 20 which was a longer, all-day affair.)

The July 21st meeting began with public comments. Topics included student food issues, gun violence, whether law students could be TAs, sustainability, diversity, scholarships, and the expansion of the Merced campus.

The Merced expansion was the next major item. As blog readers will know, this is a $1 billion-plus public-private arrangement. Costs have gone up by $195 million although some savings in interest costs were also reported. Regent Makarechian asked to be sure that any subsequent changes to the deal should be brought to the Regents. The Merced arrangement was approved.

There was reference to Dept. of Energy Labs oversight. However, the next main topic was a report by the UC prez on student food programs. The Committee on Compensation outlined its plan for constraints on outside board memberships by chancellors and other senior execs. The new plan was approved with some recorded dissenting votes. Some executive pay arrangements were also approved. Finally, the meeting ended with the UC prez's report on various faculty awards.

You can hear the audio from this meeting at the link below:

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