Sunday, July 10, 2016

Score 2 points for the Katehi side

First: From the UC-Davis website:

In recognition of its strong commitment to economic engagement, the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities has designated the University of California, Davis, as an Innovation and Economic Prosperity, or IEP, University. The national designation acknowledges public research universities working with public and private sector partners in their states and regions to support economic development through a variety of activities, including innovation and entrepreneurship, technology transfer, talent and workforce development, and community development.  

“Public research universities such as UC Davis serve as economic engines for their local communities and states by conducting cutting-edge research that yields breakthroughs that improve life well beyond the confines of campus,” said APLU President Peter McPherson. “Equally important, these institutions cultivate the talent necessary to help fledgling business take flight and ensure existing enterprises have the human capital they need to maintain their dynamism.”...

Full media release at

Clearly, the award reflects positively on Davis under Katehi.

Second:  From the Harvard Business School comes a study suggesting that scandals at universities discourage student applications. The study provides (some) rationale for Chancellor Katehi's effort to try and repair the internet damage of the pepper-spray scandal. And it suggests the current bad PR around the Katehi "suspension" is not good for the campus. You can find a summary of the study from Inside Higher Ed at:

and the study itself at:

So we continue to urge UC prez Napolitano and "suspended" Chancellor Katehi to drop their egos and work out a face-saving deal, perhaps using the services of a mediator if needed.

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