Tuesday, October 7, 2014


The Sacramento Bee is running a story speculating on whether the Prop 30 temporary taxes will remain temporary.  Various Democrats have hinted on extending the Prop 30 taxes rather than let them expire.  As blog readers will recall, Prop 30 was a key element of Gov. Brown's effort to get the state out of its budget crisis.  The Regents endorsed Proposition 30 when it was on the ballot.

Would they endorse an extension of Prop 30?  Gov. Brown is reported in the article to be opposed to an extension, at least as of last May:

Gov. Jerry Brown, who championed Proposition 30 and is widely expected to win re-election in November, has given no indication that he would support an extension of the tax. In May, the Democratic governor told reporters: “That’s a temporary tax and, to the extent that I have anything to do with it, will remain temporary.”

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But that was then and anything might happen in the future when you have a temp solution:
Note that if you parse the governor's words carefully, they don't rule out an extension if the extension was also for a temporary period.
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