Friday, October 24, 2014

The Next Culture Clash: Coming Soon to UC

It looks like the next culture clash is on its way to UC via CSU.  Maybe we would do better with a "don't-ask; don't-tell" approach.  Or just "don't-ask."

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship members say they just want to spread the word, to provide a welcoming space for believers and non-believers alike on college campuses that sometimes can seem cold and isolating.  But because it requires its leaders to hold Christian beliefs, the evangelical student group said, it now is fighting to preserve its religious soul and very existence.  Chapters of InterVarsity and some other Christian groups were stripped of recognition at California State University campuses this fall because they refused to sign a non-discrimination policy requiring clubs and organizations to open their memberships and leadership to all students. (Fraternities and sororities still can limit membership by gender.) ...

It appears that trouble also may be looming for its University of California chapters. UC spokeswoman Shelly Meron said the system — which now does not specify that leadership positions must be open to all — is reevaluating the language it uses to charter campus organizations...

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Do we really have to reevaluate anything?  What if we didn't?  If it ain't broke... etc.

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