Sunday, June 29, 2014

Whatever the court decides, don't assume your emails are private

One of our periodic warnings that because UCLA is a public university, emails you send may end up in the public domain, even if you send them via non-university services.  But the California Supreme Court's decision may have some relevance in particular cases:

From the (Sonoma) Press-Democrat: The California Supreme Court will decide if private emails and other electronic communications of government officials are public records open for inspection. The high court announced Friday that it would step in and settle a long-simmering debate over access to public employees' private communications on personal devices discussing government issues. Since the coming of email, activists and others in the state have been battling at all levels of government over whether public issues discussed on private devices with personal accounts are covered by the Public Records Act. Similar legal battles and political debates have sprung up across the country as well...

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