Monday, June 30, 2014

Cheap Degree


ALEC May Push $10,000 Degrees
June 30, 2014 

The American Legislative Exchange Council, a group known by its acronym ALEC that drafts model state legislation that is frequently used by conservative legislators, has its eye on higher education. Draft legislation that will be considered at ALEC's annual meeting would require all public four-year institutions to offer a $10,000 degree and would require that 10 percent of all degrees be awarded through this model. The legislation specifies that states could achieve these savings through online and competency education.

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It might be noted that - certainly at UC - enough students at public colleges around the country (I suspect) are likely to qualify for free or reduced tuition to meet the 10% target now.  So what is the purpose of this proposed law?  To take credit for what already exists?

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