Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Upcoming Regents Meeting

The Regents will have a three-day meeting next week (March 15-17). Usually, the meetings end with a full board session that endorses recommendations from the various committees that have met earlier. In this case, however, the Regents, in their final session, will likely endorse a systemwide 20% cap on out-of-state enrollment.* The LA Times summarizes:

...Under the proposal... the system’s three most popular campuses would be allowed to keep but not increase their proportions of nonresident undergraduates — 24.4% at UC Berkeley, 22.9% at UC San Diego and 22.8% at UCLA... The proportion of nonresident students at the other campuses ranges from 18.9% at UC Irvine to less than 1% at UC Merced. Those campuses each would be allowed to grow up to 20% so long as the systemwide limit was not exceeded...**

Blog readers will note that if the campuses currently under 20% went up to that level, and the campuses grandfathered in above the cap stayed above, the systemwide proportion would be greater than 20%. However, it is unlikely that the below-20% campuses would each rise to the point that the overall cap would be exceeded anytime soon.

Other business includes a report that the pension and endowments portfolios earned 6-ish percent returns over the year ending December, discussion of undergrad, grad, and professional tuition, possible new student housing at UCLA, wine sales (instead of disposal) at UC-Davis, and conflict-of-interest rules for Regents. The Dept. of Energy labs will be reviewed, including Los Alamos, UC's legacy from the Manhattan Project. UC participates in a partnership to manage Los Alamos under a contract with the Dept. of Energy that ends in Sept. 2018. Given the world and national situation, including some loose remarks about nuclear weapons during the 2016 presidential campaign, one could imagine that the renewal of the contract might spark debate.

The full Regents' agenda is at:

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