Monday, March 13, 2017

Lots More

From the Bruin: UCLA has a proposal to build three new residence halls and two apartment complexes by 2021 to accommodate increased enrollment.
The initiative would add about 6,900 beds to the Hill and guarantee students more years of housing. UCLA officials expect to request preliminary plan funding at the May Regents meeting, which would allow UCLA to develop a budget and schematic designs for the projects.
Three new residence halls would be built on the Hill: one located near Tom Bradley International Hall and Strathmore Drive, one located on a parking lot between Saxon and Hitch Residential Suites, and one located near the upper edge of Drake Stadium.
The hall near Bradley Hall would have 800 beds in triple rooms, community bathrooms and a to-go dining facility. The site on the parking lot would add 1,500 beds in triple rooms and community bathrooms. The residence hall near Drake Stadium would hold 1,100 beds in triple rooms with community bathrooms and athletic facilities.
With the additional buildings, first-year students would be guaranteed four years of housing and transfer students would be guaranteed two years of housing, an increase from three years and one year, respectively.
Two of the five proposed housing projects would be new apartment buildings for third and fourth-year students.
One proposed apartment site would add 1,300 beds in two-bedroom/two-bath apartment complexes on the UCLA Extension Office building site at the intersection of Le Conte, Gayley and Levering avenues.
The other would demolish Warren Hall, a laboratory and office building built in 1961, and replace it with about 2,200 beds in two-bedroom/two-bath apartment units.
The demolition would displace Warren Hall’s current occupants to other facilities on campus...

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