Friday, March 10, 2017

Possibly redundant demands for UCLA to be made into sanctuary campus

Students and staff at UCLA held a town hall meeting Thursday in an effort to make the campus and its medical centers a sanctuary. 
The groups said they are scared they could be affected by President Donald Trump's policies. While the school has shown the campus support, students and staff said it is not enough. A list containing specific demands on how to make the campus a sanctuary campus was drawn up and presented at the meeting.

"We're asking for the university to not collaborate or cooperate with ICE and to also protect the privacy of undocumented students as a whole. We're also asking for concrete policies to protect other communities that have been targeted," student Dana Carrera said.

One of the demands involved the university not complying with federal raids, detentions and deportations unless mandated by a court order. The meeting started around 5 p.m. and was held in a classroom at Haines Hall. The groups plan to take their platform to university administrators next week.


Note: The demands, at least as described above, seem to be existing UC policy. Our previous posts related to this issue can be found by typing "sanctuary" into the blog search option. The UC prez, however, has avoided using the term "sanctuary," presumably to avoid making UC a particular target.

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