Thursday, December 8, 2016

You can ignore it

If you are in the UC Blue Shield plan, you may have received a letter about your being dropped from the drug plan. Ignore it. It is part of the transition (back) to Blue Cross.

Transitioning from Blue Shield to Blue Cross: Disregard Dis-Enrollment Letter

Beginning January 1, UC will replace Blue Shield with Anthem Blue Cross as the administrator for its PPO plans. If you are a Blue Shield member, you will receive a letter saying that you will be dis-enrolled from Blue Shield effective Jan. 1, 2017. Please disregard that letter. All Blue Shield members will be automatically changed over to Anthem Blue Cross effective Jan. 1 unless you made another choice during Open Enrollment. Watch your mail for new Anthem ID cards, and an OptumRx welcome package, that will arrive in late December. Please update your doctors and pharmacies with your new Anthem ID information on or after Jan. 1. If you are using PrimeMail mailorder pharmacy under Blue Shield, you will need to change to OptumRx for mailorder medications beginning Jan. 1.

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