Wednesday, December 21, 2016

They're Angry Anyway

We have previously noted in this blog that UC is vulnerable to federal funding cuts, perhaps accounting for UC prez Napolitano's careful non-use of the "sanctuary" word when it came to UC policy on undocumented students. (It may also have accounted for her non-signature on the climate change letter noted in an earlier post today.)

In any case, avoiding use of a particular word doesn't seem to have prevented a threat to UC federal funding. From the conservative Calwatchdog blog:

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher last week warned UC President Janet Napolitano that the system’s sanctuary campus polices could jeopardize federal funding for research. The Costa Mesa Republican denounced a recent announcement from UC that campus police would not be cooperating with federal officials in deportation efforts of undocumented immigrants.
“Your commitment to spending scarce resources to finance people illegally present in the United States is unacceptable and a flagrant misuse of taxpayer money,” Rohrabacher wrote. “This is an insult to Americans and legal immigrants who pay your salary.”...

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Toby Higbie said...

I would simply reverse Rohrbacher's argument: deporting students and staff at universities is a "flagrant misuse of taxpayer money" and an insult to the majority of Californians who are likely to disagree with Trump's soon-to-be-revealed policies.