Saturday, December 17, 2016

Riverside News

From the LA Times:

UC Riverside Provost Paul J. D’Anieri announced Friday that he would step down from his administrative post, just days after the faculty said it would meet to consider a vote of no confidence in his leadership. Some faculty members believed that D’Anieri — who has served as the university’s chief academic officer and executive vice chancellor since 2014 — had mismanaged a major campus growth plan, failed to adequately consult faculty in hiring decisions, brought too many outsiders into key positions and created a climate of mistrust and fear. Many of those concerns were aired publicly at a packed Academic Senate meeting two weeks ago. More than 100 faculty members subsequently called for a special meeting to consider a vote of no confidence, which was to have taken place early next year.

In a message to the faculty and staff Friday, D’Anieri said he recognized wide dissatisfaction with his leadership and significant divides on several issues. “These differences have made it difficult to achieve the level of unity that I believe we need to move forward on our ambitious agenda,” he wrote...

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Note: There is a link in the article to a Town Hall/Academic Senate video, but it doesn't work very well.

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