Monday, July 21, 2014

Summertime and the Living is Easy

Dog Days is the name for the most sultry period of summer, from about July 3 to Aug. 11. Named in early times by observers in countries bordering the Mediterranean, the period was reckoned as extending from 20 days before to 20 days after the conjunction of Sirius (the dog star) and the sun. In the latitude of the Mediterranean region this period coincided with hot days that were plagued with disease and discomfort.

We are unlikely, despite the definition above, to experience disease and discomfort at UC in the current period.  In fact, since Sacramento basically is on vacation and the Regents have gone home, not much is likely to happen.  Just to make the point, the LA Times is running an article saying nothing much is going on:
The alternative journalistic option, if nothing is happening to cover, is to write about past issues.  Hence, the Daily Bruin features an editorial about the student regent, even though that issue ended with the recent Regents meetings.  See:
And, yes, yours truly knows he has so far only archived the first day of the two-day Regents meeting of July 16-17.  But it’s summer so what’s the rush?  We’ll get to it. 

Meanwhile, you have your choice:


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