Thursday, July 18, 2013

Listen to the Regents Afternoon Meeting of July 17, 2013

Most of the afternoon activity of the Regents on Wednesday, July 17, was in closed sessions for which no audio is available.  The main item of interest in the open period was the privacy initiative, noted in an earlier post, which is a work in progress.

Afternoon Agenda: July 17, 2013

1:00 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (open session – includes privacy initiative)
1:30 pm Committee on Compensation (closed session)
1:45 pm Committee on Compensation (Regents only session)
2:00 pm Committee on Governance (Regents only session)
2:10 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (Regents only session)
2:30 pm Committee on Finance (Regents only session)
3:15 pm Board (Regents only session)

We continue to post an indefinite archive of Regents meetings since the official archive policy of the Regents is to delete after one year.  You can hear this session at the link below:


cloudminder said...

Would you be willing to explain more fully the archiving policy and where that is posted?
My understanding is that some of the video archive was removed as well and the video archive is all less than 1 year old because they have only recently offered video- do they provide an explanation for that, too?

California Policy Issues said...

No explanation but the one year policy is stated at:

Video Archives of Regents Meetings: 2013

Video files for past open session meetings of The University of California Regents and its Committees are available for one year after the dates of the meetings.

cloudminder said...