Monday, February 11, 2019

Things to Come This Week

Various events will be occurring this week with potential impact on UC. The California Supreme Court will be hearing a challenge to the "California Rule," a longstanding court decision that prevents retroactive reductions in public pensions. Although the case involves CALPERS, a ruling will likely affect UC's pension system. Blog readers will know that former Governor Jerry Brown was pushing for a decision to modify the California Rule before leaving office. However, the Court did not move fast enough for his taste.

The Court's hearing will be live-streamed and eventually put on the web.*

In addition, the Regents' Health Services Committee will be meeting later today at UCLA.** We have already posted the agenda.*** As usual, yours truly will later post the audio of the meeting.

Finally, Gov. Newsom gives his State of the State address on Tuesday, 11 AM. Possibly, there could be some components that affect UC.****

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