Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Listen to the Regents' Health Services Committee meeting of Feb. 11, 2019

We continue our practice below of archiving the audio of Regents meetings below since the Regents preserve their recordings for only one year.

At yesterday's meeting of the Regents' Health Services Committee, there was an extended period of public comments. (There were probably more comments than occurs when the Committee has met at a less accessible location than the UCLA campus.) Public comments covered food security of students, UCLA patent rights to drugs in India, sexual assault policy, cost of student health insurance, the Hawaiian telescope, gender pronouns, and bicycle and other transportation on campus and other issues.

A budget report and strategic plan were the next topics. One regent pointed out that the strategic plan was so complex that it was unclear what the priorities were. There was then discussion of student mental health services. A program for dealing with doctor burnout was outline.

You can listen to the session at the link below. Note that there is a silent period in the recording from about 2:42 to 2:59 for a lunch break.

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