Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Union Regents

We noted yesterday that Governor Brown has appointed four new Regents. One is a union leader: Laphonza Butler, president of the SEIU United Long Term Care Workers Union. While there have been many Regents with business backgrounds, union officials have been scarce. In fact, Jerry Brown in his first iteration as governor appointed another union Regent: John ("Jack") Henning, head of the California Labor Federation. Henning served as a Regent from 1977 to 1989.*

More recently, Governor Brown appointed Henning's grandson, Patrick W. Henning Jr,  as head of the Employment Development Department (EDD) in 2014.**

*Henning's obituary is at:
** Patrick Henning's father headed EDD under Gov. Schwarzenegger. Another grandson, namesake John F. Henning III, has had a more checkered career:,

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