Monday, October 2, 2017

Around the System

This week's free-speech-on-campus developments include:

1) The hat incident: A student at UC-Riverside stole a Trump hat from the head of another student. The incident was uploaded to the web. Apparently, the student who took the hat eventually gave it to campus authorities who intervened. Whether she was disciplined thereafter remains unclear.


2) Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz talked about filing a constitutional challenge to Berkeley's policy in which departments can apparently invite speakers without complications but those invited by groups other than departments face certain hurdles. Berkeley's law school then invited him, removing the hurdles.


3) UCLA Law Professor Jerry Kang - Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion - wrote an op ed in the Bruin saying:

"We must exercise and thereby cultivate good judgment, discerning the difference between what we legally can do and what we ethically should do. While we embrace difference, we must bravely seek out “microconnections” – the surprising similarities, unexpected understandings and overlapping values that help connect us to each other."


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