Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It doesn't seem to add up

UCLA has been saying that it is admitting more out-of-state and international students (who pay full freight) but not cutting back on in-state admissions.  The latest numbers from UCOP, however, tell a different story.  Here are the latest fall freshmen admissions numbers for UCLA:

Fall of          2010       2011       2012
California       9890      10913       9263

Out of State     1819       2313       3049

International    1304       2315       3143
Total           13013      15551      15455

It is true that total admissions are up (relative to 2010) so we are not substituting non-state for in-state students on a one-for-one basis.  But in-state student admissions are down and non-state students are up. There remain students on waitlists and there will be a difference between admissions and actual attendance.  

The UCOP numbers are at:

UPDATE: The LA Times story on UC admissions is at:,0,7859731.story

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