Monday, June 29, 2020

What to do with the Grand Hotel in the fall

Yesterday, we posted some history of UCLA's Grand Hotel.* And we noted that the hotel now sits in a campus which is currently in a lockdown mode. Current plans are to have some kind of reopening in the fall. When yours truly perused the fall quarter course offerings, he couldn't find any that were not online, but supposes that there must be some. Still, reopened education in the fall will consist mainly of students in dorm rooms doing online education.

Given the fact that reopening in the fall is a "done deal" (as was said about the hotel when it was proposed), there is a problem with student housing. The existing dorms were not meant for social distancing and isolation. To maintain such distancing, dorm capacity will have to be cut. So where will the excess of students go? Well, there are 250 rooms in the Grand Hotel, all with wireless capacity. Those rooms could house 250 students. The Grand Hotel also has some food preparation capacity. Conference rooms might be reconfigured into student rooms with some work.

In short, use the Grand Hotel as a dorm. As they say, if you are stuck with a lemon, make lemonade.

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