Monday, April 6, 2020

The Crisis: What to watch for this week

The governor has declared his January budget proposal "inoperable." It has been reported that even the modest proposed increase in the UC budget will not occur (and the Regents won't raise tuition at their May meeting). The first indicator of the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the budget will come on Friday, April 10 when the state controller issues the monthly cash report for March. However, March is not normally a big month for tax receipts - as opposed to April. And the crisis only started to have a big effect during the month, not throughout the month.

We will also have another report on weekly new claims for unemployment insurance on Thursday, April 9.

Recent news conferences by the governor can be seen at the links below.

April 4: [focus on testing]

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April 3: [focus on homeless housing]

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April 2: [focus on small business]

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April 1: [includes education issues]

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