Wednesday, January 15, 2020

No Parking

From the BruinUCLA rejected a proposal by the local neighborhood council to create on-campus parking spaces where students can sleep at a council meeting Wednesday. As the most expensive place to rent in California, living in Westwood can be a significant financial burden for students. This has led some students to sleep in their cars or temporarily in other people’s apartments. In response, the North Westwood Neighborhood Council and the Undergraduate Students Association Council called on UCLA to establish safe parking spaces on campus and collect more data on students experiencing homelessness last year.

UCLA considers the proposed safe parking spaces to be unsanitary for students and is instead considering creating a hostel-like environment where students could pay around $15 a night to sleep, said Administrative Vice Chancellor Michael Beck during the council’s meeting.
“We do not think (sleeping in cars is) safe,” Beck said. “It’s not sanitary. It’s something that the University of California, in general, doesn’t support. We evaluated what the options are and how potentially we can make that work, but it’s not something that we think is a good idea to solve the problem, but we do want to better understand the problem.”...

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Kevin said...

UCLA has space for beds at only $15 a night?? Wow! The cheapest beds at UCSC (3 beds in a room intended originally for two) are $1155/month or $38.50 a night. Beds in single rooms are over $1700 a month.