Saturday, December 14, 2019

Listen to the Regents' Health Services Committee: Dec. 10, 2019

The Health Services Committee of the Regents meets on an off-cycle basis, i.e., not with the regular Regents meetings that occur every other month. During the public comments portion, there were speakers on toxic mold and contracts with Dignity Health. The new VP for health Carrie Byington MD addressed the meeting for the first time and discussed her background. An approval of an executive pay arrangement was passed for the interim CEO for the health enterprise at UC-Davis. Plans were approved for a replacement hospital at Parnassus Heights for UC-San Francisco. There was discussion of potential risks of partnering with counties with regard to mental health services. The possibility of obtaining funds for student mental health under Proposition 63 of 2004 was also discussed. (Prop 63 was an income tax surcharge on incomes over $1 million for mental health services.)

There was also a dramatic description of a promising new therapy that had been applied to a faculty member who became infected on a foreign trip with a bacteria for which no antibiotics were effective.

You can hear the Committee meeting at the link below:

or direct to:

Note: Yesterday, there was a special Regents-sponsored meeting with regard to the selection of a new UC president. We will discuss it in a later post once yours truly has had a chance to review it.

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