Monday, December 2, 2019

$46 Million

We like to salute donations that don't involve brick and mortar construction projects but rather focus on research, teaching, and student support.

From an email received today:

I am thrilled to announce a $46 million gift from David Geffen, a great friend and generous supporter of UCLA, to the groundbreaking David Geffen Medical Scholarship Fund at the school that bears his name. This significant reinvestment brings his total giving to the fund to $146 million and will enable 120 more medical students to benefit from these scholarships. Mr. Geffen created the fund in 2012 with a visionary contribution that sparked new thinking about how to address medical education debt and inspired additional action around this cause across the country...

Mr. Geffen’s magnanimity to UCLA and shared belief in our mission continue to advance our ability to provide opportunities and improve lives. I know that his contributions will have a lasting and meaningful impact for generations to come.

Gene D. Block

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