Wednesday, September 4, 2019

More on Elsevier and all that - Part 2

From the Bruin: About 30 University of California faculty members suspended their editorial services for Elsevier’s journals starting Aug. 7 to protest the publisher’s alleged lack of productive negotiations with the UC.
The UC’s 2018 contract with Elsevier, the world’s largest scientific publishing company, ended Dec. 31. The faculty members involved in the ongoing protest served on editorial boards for journals published by Cell Press, a subdivision of Elsevier.
The University began negotiating with Elsevier for a new contract in early 2018 but decided to end negotiations in February because Elsevier was unwilling to support the UC’s terms for a new contract, according to a statement by the UC Office of the President.
Specifically, the University aimed to make UC researcher-authored papers available to the public for free by publishing them with open access, as well as maintaining access to Elsevier’s journals without paying more than in its previous contract, according to a statement from the UC’s negotiating team. The UC paid Elsevier more than $10.5 million in its previous contract.
Faculty members participating in the protest wanted to put pressure on Elsevier to restart negotiations with the UC and come to an agreement that would restore the UC’s access to Elsevier’s journals...

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