Thursday, September 26, 2019

Detailed American Economic Assn. Professional Climate Report

The American Economic Association (AEA) - the major professional association in the economics field - has been issuing "climate" reports, particularly after some revelations about sexual and other misbehavior in the field.

The latest report is largely a descriptive statistical compendium and doesn't contain a real "bottom line" conclusion. However, it was distributed today by email and the email contains the following wording:

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...(T)his extensive report includes statistical analyses, a review of open-ended survey questions, and some comparisons with the findings of other professional surveys. What remains evident is that many members of the economics profession have suffered harassment and discrimination during their careers, including both overt acts of abuse and more subtle forms of marginalization.

Full text of email/announcement available at

The new report is at:

The chart above and table below suggest the descriptive flavor of the report.
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