Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Don't know yet - Part 2 (Things we know)

A little knowledge can be dangerous,
but not in this case
In an earlier post, we listed a summary from the Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) on the reported compromise on the state budget reached between legislative Democrats (who control everything nowadays) and the governor.* But the LAO summary didn't have info on the details of UC's budget.

A final bill must pass by June 15th, according to the state constitution. The governor still has the option of line-item vetoes. If he follows Jerry Brown's example, he won't use that option, or barely use it, since he has already dealt with the legislative leaders. But then again, Newsom sometimes seems to want to make a point that he isn't Jerry Brown. He has until June 30th to decide.

Below are some things we do now know about the compromise deal, courtesy of Eric Hays of CUCFA. [Click on the images to enlarge.] For the full story, we may have to await the June 30 deadline, unless he decides on the package earlier.
Comment on above: Taking away money from the underfunded retirement system is not a Good Thing.


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