Monday, June 10, 2019

Another Ranking

Usually, universities are ranked by such things as academic reputation (as somehow determined), along with other factors related to students, admissions, tuition, etc. Forbes has a ranking of employers with 500 employees or more by state, supposedly based on an employees survey. Universities are employers, of course, often large employers. Below are the UC rankings from Forbes' list of California's "best" employers:

#16 UC-Irvine
#44 UC-Davis
#78 UC-Santa Barbara
#152 UC-Berkeley
#179 UCLA Health

There is no explanation as to why UCLA Health was split off from the rest of UCLA (but health was not split off in Irvine or Davis). And keep in mind that the top-ranked employer in the state was Costco Wholesale and number 2 was In-N-Out (burgers). Anyway, you can look at the ranking yourself at: [Put in "California"]
A cursory methodology statement is at:

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