Thursday, May 2, 2019

Closed Door - Part 2

There is another closed-door meeting of the Regents coming up on Friday. This time, it is the Special Committee on Nominations. It appears to be a telephone or teleconference meeting:

S1(X) Action Recommendations for Election of Officers and Appointments to Standing Committees and Subcommittees for 2019-20


The Regents' website has the following obituary:

With deep sadness, we announce the death of Regent Ellen Tauscher
Esteemed Regent, colleague, and friend Ellen Tauscher passed away on Monday, April 29. Regent Tauscher was appointed to the Board by Governor Brown in 2017 and served as the Chair of the Regents' National Laboratories Subcommittee and the Vice Chair of the Regents’ Academic & Student Affairs Committee. She was a calm force on the Board and brilliantly helped to guide the University with genuine dedication, knowledge and fierce grace. Regent Tauscher will be dearly missed by us all. 
The vacancy will give Gov. Newsom his first opportunity to nominate a regent.

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