Saturday, May 4, 2019

And Yet More on UCLA Measles

From the Bruin: Yu Hong Hwang is vaccinated against measles. The fourth-year materials engineering student said the immunization records he sent to UCLA before coming to campus should have proved that.
However, last week he received two messages from the Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center requesting his records and asking him to quarantine himself if he could not produce them. He said he was confused why the school did not already have his information on file.
UCLA was identified as a potential site for measles exposure April 22 after a UCLA student infected with measles attended classes in Franz Hall and Boelter Hall in early April. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health contacted more than 500 people who may have been exposed to the disease and quarantined 127 students and faculty members who could not verify their immunization history in time. All were cleared and released by Wednesday, said UCLA spokesperson Ricardo Vazquez.
UCLA began requiring new students to submit immunization records in 2016. However, multiple second-year students have said they were quarantined after UCLA told them they did not have their records on file.
The university currently does not have immunization records for about 25% of its student population, Vazquez said. Many fourth-year students were never required to submit immunization records, as the policy went into effect after they had already enrolled at UCLA.
As of 2018, any new student without the required immunizations, regardless of personal or religious concerns, could have their registration placed on hold unless they receive a medical exemption, according to the University of California Immunization Plan Policy. Students with vaccine allergies or those with compromised immune systems must submit a Medical Exemption Request Form...

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